Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's been a while since I last posted anything here. Lately I have been to Taiping for some squash activities. Yes, you read it right, Taiping, that small and quiet town famous for it's Lake Gardens and Zoo. Been there the past 2 Sundays for some squash and meeting the New Club members. Prior to that, I conducted a coaching course there as well. The New Club is not new but was built in 1894. So it is the 1st club in Malaysia and they kept the name since then. It has 1 squash court and another one converted to a snooker room downstairs and gym above it. They have about 100 plus squash members and 1 court! During peak hours, members are allowed 20 mins per pair for squash and they have a timer that buzzes to indicate time is up. Don't think they would be able to finish a match in 20 minutes.

There is another place with 2 squash courts, the Rakan Muda Sports Complex in Bukit Jana. It was built as a community centre but the courts are under utilised. Nice set up and quite good workmanship as well. But the toilets are not in working order and no water cooler. So one need to bring along a large supply of water if they are going to play there. The complex has hostels, meeting rooms/lecture halls, wall climbing, skateboard area and many more things.

So in my 2 weekends there, I have been to the zoo which is quite big and not too bad in terms of animals. A lot of parts are under renovation but still open to people. No time for the Lake Gardens though. I also managed to have the famous curry mee in Sepetang, which is good. Also the mee kicap is delicious as well. My next trip there will be to Matang for seafood and visit the Lake Gardens.

That's all for now folks. I will be going to Ipoh for a referees course this weekend and Perlis on Monday for an evaluation.