Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am now awaiting a decision regarding an email i sent to the President of SRAM. The email is as follows:

Dear Dato’,

I wish to convey my deepest disappointment in the manner the age group for Sukma 2008 was decided even though the feedback from most of the States is that they are against it. This decision is not very democratic and does not reflect the voice of the majority. As a matter of principle, it shows the lack of consistency in the decision making process of the SRAM Management Committee in allowing the host state to dictate the age group just after 3 editions where it was agreed that the age group was set at U-18.

In all due respect, Dato’ has set the ball rolling again for uncertainty in Sukma all over again. Or is it set to stay at U-23? Will the next host have a say in what age group they want? The manner in which the decision was made was also shrouded in a dark cloud and not transparent.

I am not against the change of age group but against the manner it was done. The States should have a say in this very important decision as it affects all of them. The changes should have taken place in the following edition whereby all teams will have ample notification and time to prepare for it. Even then how many teams actually have players older than 21 years of age? Most of these players are in the national back-up team anyway. So what development are we talking about? And in SRAM’s blue print, we are looking at players below 19 to lead Malaysia into the top 4.

Dato’ has personally said that it is too late if they don’t make it at the U-19 level to me personally in front of all SDO’s and Coaches during our meeting in the Cititel in Penang 2 years ago.

Again, I convey my deepest disappointment and lost of confidence in the leadership and transparency of the SRAM Management Committee. I am conveying this message as an individual who is concern.

Allan Pete Soyza

Now here is the funny part, instead of looking into the complain that I have put forward, they instead are obsessed with the last paragraph of the email. Apparently, action is to be taken against me for what is my personal feeling towards the Management Committee. Now this shows how our so called leaders of the game thinks, more interested in getting their hands on me rather than to look into the issue and address it.

The reason the email was written was a matter of principle, policy and manner it was decided. SRAM has set a precedence before by rejecting the request of other host for Sukma recently (2002) but now allows a change for 2008 at the request of the host. Smell something fishy?There's more... the manner it was decided was at a sub-committee level and not at the main management level. And it is clearly stated in the constitution that the decisions that affects national interest needs to be discussed at the main management level. No notice or even a consensus was ever sent out or done.

So now they didn't even look at the procedure that they took to reach the decision but instead spent 1.5 hours discussing the last paragraph and what action should be taken against me, and the priority is sacking. Well done SRAM. Too bad they do not have the jurisdiction in that matter as I am an employee of NSC under the Core Sport Department. Even then, I wrote that letter as an individual and not as the employee of NSC. So far, all my duties have been performed well and proper. Nothing major can be done and if they do, well, legally it will be settled.

I have other options and am not too worried at the consequenses of my action. Let's see how mature the leadership of SRAM is. But I bet you, the real issue will be swept under the carpet. So if you are looking for a job with SRAM, you better be a "Yes" man, "Blind", "Deaf" or "Dumb" as not to offend the leadership no matter how wrong they are. If you have those qualities, you'll surely be employed. FAM, you got a partner coming your way soon....

Cheers for now.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and should not be construed as facts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Half Way Point

We have gone through half the year and where is Malaysian squash? I feel it's gone even worse due to some people and their crazy thinking.

Firstly, Jamsheed Gul is back in the national team fold as men's coach. And why is that bad? Well, for those who don't know, he was our national coach a few years back. He was then promoted to Head Coach and that process took a long time due to the negotiations of wages. Finally when he was appointed, he jump ship to become Pakistan's Head Coach 2 months into his tenure. Now once bitten, twice shy..... but noooo... SRAM still decided to get him back. Looks like lessons never learned.

Sukma 2008 is another issue. Apparently, SRAM had decided to give in to the host request, and I mean a few people and not the MC as the decision made was not even discussed at the MC meeting. After 3 editions where all host had to swallow the bitter pill of conforming to the U-18 ruling, SRAM has now agreed with the host to have it at U-23 all in the name of development.... What a load of bull! Let's see who can play.... Wan, Jam, Shahril, Delia, Yoke Wah, Siti... Hmm.. aren't this full time players on the pro circuit? So what development? Put it this way, just an excuse for the host to justify their spending on new infrastructure. Then what about the next one in 2010?

It was changed to U-18 in 2000 immediately after the Penang Games where all states complained that they are always guessing about the age group and how the host uses it as an advantage to gain most of the medals. As such an agreement was reached that it will be U-18 from then on. If it is to be U-23, then the eligibility ruling needs to come into play. Currently only Multi sport events like Olympics, Commonwealth and Asian Games athletes are barred from taking part. Sea Games medalist can take part but only to a limited number. But they left out World, Asian and Junior Championships. These are higher standard than the Asian Games to an extend. Show you how much thought was put in when making a decision.

The draw for the World Junior Women has come out and looks like Wee Wern's hopes of making past the quarters are almost nil as she has been drawn to play Raneem then. Wretched luck! Wee Nee has a change to move to the quarters if she can overcome Amanda Cranston in the 2nd round. Not sure about the rest of the girls. The team will do well if they finish in the top 6.

Nicol is still number 1 in the world for the 12th straight month and will continue for a long time, we pray so. Beng Hee and Azlan are at 18 and 19 respectively. Sharon and Tricia are at 19 and 26 pespectively. Wan has broken the top 100 and is at 93 while Delia is at 48. Now what is SRAM going to do now that Wan and Delia has broken the top 50? It was previously said that if any of the guys break top 100 and girls top 50, they will be sent overseas for an attachment. Delia has done it before and is still waiting for her chance. Is SRAM going back on their word?

I've been on the road as part of my capacity of Roving Coach and have visited Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Melaka and Negri Sembilan so far. My findings are that they do find quite a number of squash players that are potentially good but lack the knowledge to develop them. I'm referring to the coaches here as most of them do not have the knowledge or cannot innovate. Either they believe that coaching is all about feeding or they are just reluctant to learn more and new things to improve their coaching skills. Gone are the days where a good feeder can be a good coach. It now includes man management, sports science, planning and many more. Got hell a lot of work to do still.

Till next time..... Cheers