Wednesday, November 12, 2008


SRAM AGM this year will see only Dato' Sani continuing as President as there are no challengers. Is it because that he is good or are there other reasons? To me, for someone to challenge for that post, that person would need support from all levels especially running mates for the othe MC positions. Otherwise, it will be useless to try running for it as the new President will be out voted in most of the decisions. Maybe people are now so fed up till the point that they rather let things be.

One interesting contest is for the Treasurer's post. Lim Eng Seang is the current Treasurer and has done a fantastic job in making sure all transaction is transparent and documented. Due to this, some "people" are upset as they can't get things the way they want. So, in comes Gabriel Ting, the current Junior Development Chairman to challenge Eng Seang. What the hell has Gabriel done this year as Junior Development Chairman? Only the Convention which was early in the year. He has not even been to Junior tournaments in the country! I have yet to even see him in person. To those who reads my blog, please vote for Eng Seang as I am sure that if Gabriel is Treasurer, there will be a lot of discrepencies in the accounts later.

The squash community wants changes in SRAM but at the moment it is difficult. Let me explain why it is so.

1. AGM is open to all state members to attend and vote, but AGM is always in KL and that is the stronghold of the President and his merry men. So they always have the largest attendance.

2. The need for the wannabe candidate to plan and and ensure that he has his team of people to contest all available positions in SRAM. Although each position is for a 2 year term, the positions are contested alternate years, e.g. this year is President and next year is Deputy President. So even if the new President is in, he will definately face resistance and sabotage.

3. Hidden deals and promises. I will not comment on this but I am vey certain and know that this has happened before and will continue to happen.

With these 3 point, the most active squash community sees it as a mountain to climb to make a real significant change. But not all is lost as I am sure these people that love and care for teh game will find other ways to overcome these obstacles and return squash to where it should be.

Cheers and bye for now.