Friday, August 15, 2008

It's All About The Money

Been very busy lately and will continue with part 3 of the 5 Star issue soon. But now the focus will be on Jamshed Gul, the so called coach that helped Beng Hee win the Malaysian Open recently. He is in the spotlight as his contract is up and it seems that they are not renewing it. Why is this so?

Well, like the title says, it's all about the money. According to my Deep Throats, Jamshed is asking for a 100% increment from his current salary and the NSC's maximum is 30%. If he got what he wanted, Jamshed would be close to about USD 4K plus minus excluding housing. Now that is a lot of money and the NSC has rejected it and even went as far as to say that SRAM has even more foreigners on their payroll compared to badminton.

In trying to justify his request, Jamshed dragged Beng Hee in the picture by getting him to support his extension. By dragging a player into his quest, Jamshed has angered NSC and SRAM in the process. This is another of his cheap tricks to get what he wants. Previously when he was appointed Head Coach of Malaysia, he used the contract he had to negotiate with Pakistan for a higher salary for a post there. And when he managed to get it, he jumped ship! And that was like a few months after signing an extension to his contract in Malaysia.

Jamshed also felt that he was insulted when a new and pretty inexperienced coach joined in with a salary very near his even though Jamshed was clearly much better. What the heck? Even I am much better but what do I get? Hmmm... Well, to Jamshed, I'll say take it of leave.

As far as I am concerned, good riddance to him. He claims Beng Hee benefited from him but Beng Hee is away for 8-10 months a year. So how much influence he has on his game? Jamshed also says Asyraf has improved under him as he made the 1st round of the KL and Malaysian Open this year. Well, Asyraf is a talented boy but Asyraf decides himself if he wants to play squash or not. He's like a dysfunctional genius... a head case. But who else can go into a 1st round in both those tournaments and end up with 11-0? The rest of the players that were assigned to him? Err... Sad to say, they have not made progress and they had nothing much to say about him.

So now we are one foreigner less but that leaves a huge number still. I am looking forward to the day where we Malaysian squashers can be proud of our achievements of producing Malaysian players made in Malaysia by Malaysians for Malaysians.

Cheers till next time.