Sunday, April 15, 2007

Latest Updates

April has been a busy month so far. We started the month with the 2nd Leg CIMB U-9 and U-11 in Jalan Duta squash centre. The tournament was reasonably organised except there was no internal transport provided for the teams. As we were staying at the National Tennis Centre or the place up the hill (formerly APDC), I was thought that no transport was required. The teams don't mind walking if the sun was up and brightly shining, but unfortunately it rained daily. Most of the players had to walk in the rain back to the hostel and the organisers were no where in sight to even offer help to shuttle the kids. Food was adequate but think a change of menu daily could have made it tolerable. And this was organised by a 'someone' who had a lot to say about our organising an event before.

Then we went to Kuantan for the 2nd Leg Sportexcel. We returned the favour to my good friends by getting them to pick us from the bus station early in the morning. At least it was not as early as when they arrived here. Organisation was as usual very good and we all had a good tournament. No complains here.

In between these tournaments, there were 2 Challenger event and a Satellite events organised at Bukit Jalil for the national players to accumalate some ranking points to help boost their world rankings. It's also to allow the younger players to get a little exposure to what professional squash and it's standard.

On a personal note, April has been a great month for me as finally I received my letter for my new appointment that I have been waiting for ages. Now officially I am the National Roving Coach for Squash. This let's me go around the country and help all Malaysian coaches improve themselves and hopefully squash in the country as well. Looking forward to the new duties that come with it.

Also, I have volunteered to be the Technical Delegate for the Sportexcel Circuit and so far has been quite a challenge trying to get the seedins and draws done. But so far so good as there has yet to be any major issues. Hopefully, things can improve more with input from the Coach's Panel.

Lastly, a dear friend of mine finally got the monkey off her back and it's been a long time she's been waiting for it. To her, best of luck and best wishes for the future.

Cheers to all readers. Please feel free to comment on improvements that can be done here. Photos are not in my plans for the blog at the moment.

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