Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Beginning of A New Dawn?

The 1st of April marks my biggest decision in my entire life, it is a life changing one be it good or bad. "What is it?" some of you may ask and some of you may already know. I have always been vocal and an advocate for change in the country's way of handling squash issues and starting today, I am putting myself in the midst of it all. I officially start work as the National Men's Coach/ Assistant Head Coach. Don't really like the 2nd part of it though because I am not an assistant for sure. Deputy maybe but no assistant. Look into the that Chris!

Anyway, by being in the middle of the mess, I am relishing the opportunity to see if I can bring changes and lift the fortunes of the backup players. They are in the dumps at the moment and hopefully the response will be a positive one. I still believe that the talent is there as most of them finished 3rd in the World Junior Team Championships in Auckland 2006. Trying to fulfill that talent will be a tough task but I am looking forward to it.

To those of you who think that I will be changing my firebrand ways of doing things, you better forget it. I will continue to do what I do best and what I know is right till kingdom come. Cheers and till next time, Happy Squashing.


-sLeePy- said...

u can do it! u got support from me :)

Yik Yang Nicholas said...

all the best, you're the man!